Eat green, live healthy, taste the past

Pictures: Ngo Dinh Truc

thucdonCuc Gach Quan menu is based on vegetables, not using sodium glutamate and other chemical preservatives.

Vegetables and all their cooking ways: in salad, sauté, in soup... according to client's wishes and habits
Wide range of countryside vegetables
Grilled meat with natural marinade, using a barbecue without smoke and with an elegant design
Home-made tofu by Ms. Diep: good and nourishing
"Cà pháo" by Ms. Bay: without preservative, white and crispy
With 6-months rice from farmers who don't know how to use fertilizers
Rice mixed with meat sauce
Soya-sauce made by Ms. Ba and Ms. Tam only for the restaurant

Soya bean porridge cooked with palm sugar wiuthout taking out beans shells
Home-made vegetal jelly: tough, not filled with water, no need of coconut cream nor banana oil to eat it
Banana ice-cream as in the countryside
Black bean ice-cream
Home-made ice-cream: durian, jack fruit, coconut
Sugar-cane, and sweets from the school canteen

Fresh fruit juices, clients to put honey on their own
Rice infusion, black bean infusion


In a French colonial house, restored with a lot of recycled material, thus we only serve French wine and Vietnamese traditional meals
As little as possible use of plastic and nylon